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Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them every morning for some laughter, inspiration, and who knows what.
Studio 365 Series: Fear

Studio 365 Series: Fear

We’ve released our final episode in the “Fear” series. The  God-word from Isaiah 43 in the Message translation sums it up, especially these words:  “I’ve called your name. You’re mine. When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you.”

The thing is . . .
is rising in this era . . . so, this two-week conversation from  Studio 365 Daily Show and a special episode from After Hours covers spiritual concepts and practical tips to manage the situations which often produce fear.  

Turns out, this has been a fun series for us because we know there are real ways to manage it all.

As always we’re grateful for you–

Co-hosts, Kerrie and Joshua

and. . . all the tablethink team!

101. Fear. Monday: Spirit

  • Joshua and Kerrie  discuss how the element of fear in our world is dealt with through the Spirit of God.

 102. Fear. Tuesday: Call

  •  Joshua and Kerrie  discuss how  fear, a natural response, can be managed through the supernatural peace of God.

103. Fear. Wednesday: Preparation 

  • Joshua and Kerrie  talk about all ages memorizing  Romans 8:31 to have vital God-words within.  They discuss the importance of getting prepared for emergencies which come our way with spiritual as well as practical basics, giving tips of how to put together an emergency kit.

104. Fear. Thursday: Take It With You

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the go-to of being prepared.  First things first–take a breath and remember God is with you–and it will be okay.  And, yes, they talk about some practical tips in case of emergency.

105. Fear. Friday: Communication 

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the need to put Hebrews 13: 5-6 as a go-to word for you and “your all” in the face of fear.  It’s God’s communication to us.  Joshua shares tips for communication in a time of an emergency.

106. Fear. Saturday: The Places You Will Go 

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the need to put Psalm 27:1  as a go-to word for you and “your all” in the face of fear as a reminder God will direct you.  They talk about practical tips for planning the places you will go during an emergency

107. Fear. Sunday: Money

  • Joshua and Kerrie underline the truth that God will do something new in a crisis. They talk about money tips during an emergency.

108. Fear. Monday: Assess Possessions

  • Joshua and Kerrie focus on how God will bring something good out of all situations, including difficult and hard challenges.   They give tips on how to take inventory of possessions and  how to keep the information safe.  

109. Fear. Tuesday: Backup Data

  • Joshua and Kerrie share how God provides a new covering over us every. single. day.  The tip of the day is how to gather and securely store documents and photos

110. Fear. Wednesday:  Alone

  • Joshua and Kerrie  discuss how we each have go-to coping mechanisms to manage fear.  There’s a difference in how we cope when the continual presence of God is recognized.  The daily tip gives an overview of how to prepare being alone for a few days in your car, home, and beyond during an emergency

111. Fear. Thursday: Tools In Places

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss how God’s presence and power surrounds each of us, giving us the ability to move through the unexpected of life.  The tip of the day is focused on emergency tools needed for a variety of emergencies in the home, car, office, and beyond. 

112. Fear. Friday: Travel

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss how God is personally and directly with each one of us wherever we travel.  In other words, “God is in our boat.”  The daily tip focuses on how to be prepared for emergencies during travel times.

113. Fear. Saturday: Technology and Safety

  • Joshua and Kerrie laugh about making fear fun as they purposefully share how to be spiritually and practically prepared.    Their conversation goes soul deep, underscoring God’s constant work within our lives using two words,  “Only, God.”     The daily tip focuses on notifying others about our location with technology helps listed on the post.

114. Fear. Sunday: Situational Awareness

  • Joshua and Kerrie end the series discussing the importance of recognizing and managing fear, using Isaiah 43 as a premier God-word for all ages to receive soul deep.  The daily tip regarding situational awareness is a to-do for all ages and for groups as well as individuals.  And, a final word is given about getting prepared and putting together an emergency plan.  

 Series:  Fear–  With the help of the Spirit of God we can manage the things we can’t control.  Receive a daily task from our emergency preparedness to-do list to help reduce the anxiety and stress that comes with the unexpected of life. 

Episode 006. Get Ready. After Hours

  • Joshua and Kerrie  share their expertise on being prepared for emergencies from a spiritual as well as a practical perspective.  This episode is complimentary with the daily series, “Fear,” on Studio 365.  

Truth to-go:  Relax.  God. Is. In. Control.  Take a deep breath and be still.  God will be with you.

God-words of wisdom“If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you” (James 1:5a, NLT).    

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