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Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them every morning for some laughter, inspiration, and who knows what.
Studio 365 Series: Start

Studio 365 Series: Start

We began Studio 365 with the “Start” series.

It’s easy to avoid starting something new. It might be that you decide to finally tackle the junk drawer that bugs you every time you open it or you know it’s time to take a leap of faith to get a new business started. Whatever it is . . . it’s worth . . . the start.

Failure to start something new—big or small—opens the door for an eventual mundane and monotonous life. We are made for NEW.

Turns out, we learned a lot from just getting started.

As always we’re grateful for you–Co-hosts, Kerrie and Joshua and. . . all the tablethink team!

001. Start. Sunday: START

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the value of starting something new and the obstacle everyone faces at one time or another.

002. Start. Monday: An Essential of the Start

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss an essential characteristic to start something new.

003. Start. Tuesday: When You’re Stuck

004. Start. Wednesday: The Risk of Failure

005. Start. Thursday:What’s Yours To Do

006. Start. Friday: Tell Your Story

007. Start. Saturday: Your Brand

008. Start. Sunday:  Strengths

  •  Joshua and Kerrie discuss how it’s easy, but not advisable, to try to do it all.

009. Start. Monday: Productive

010. Start. Tuesday: The Urgent

011. Start. Wednesday: Own It

  •  Joshua and Kerrie discuss owning versus occupying the space of our life.

012. Start. Thursday: Impact

  •  Joshua and Kerrie discuss the  ripple effect of impacting one another.

013. Start. Friday: Anticipation

014. Start. Saturday: Celebration

015. Start. Sunday: Breathe

  •  Joshua and Kerrie discuss the need to take a break and breathe, including the times we are in a storm of life.

016. Start. Monday: Focused

  •  Joshua and Kerrie discuss what it takes to stay focused on the positive of the start.  

017. Start. Tuesday: Do Good

018. Start. Wednesday: The Main Thing

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss keeping the main thing the main thing.  

019. Start. Thursday: Alert

020. Start. Friday: You

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the value of our identity over possessions, position, and power.

021. Start. Saturday: It’s All From God!

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the value of getting on our knees to start the day with God.

  Start— We are made for new. Stop by Studio 365 anytime to listen, share, and take the conversation to your table –a piece of tablethink‘s mission (tablethink powers Studio 365).   Talk to you tomorrow in Studio 365.

Studio 365 is powered by tablethink:

Tablethink is a creative organization, imagining and developing ideas to transform the way we connect through media.

Tablethink is devoted to producing quality media resources with positivity to inspire and equip individuals to live the best life.   

Tablethink invites everyone to take a seat at the table to listen, share, and take the conversation from table to table.

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