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Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them every morning for some laughter, inspiration, and who knows what.
Studio 365 Daily Series: With

Studio 365 Daily Series: With

Studio 365 daily released the series, “With” to explore the passion God has for each and every single. human. being.


We wanted to discover more about how the passion God has for us is to be used in relationship with one another.  

Because.  At the end of the day, a relationship with God and with one another is the meaning of life.  

Excited to be with all of you as we explore life.

As always we’re grateful for you–Co-hosts, Kerrie and Joshua and. . . all the tablethink team!

060. With. Tuesday: Relationship

061. With. Wednesday: With

062. With. Thursday: Prayer

063. With. Friday: Everybody

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss humanity being in this world “together.”

064. With. Saturday: What Has Power Over You?

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss  what has power over us and how it needs to be surrendered in the with-God life to ultimately experience joy.  

065. With. Sunday: He Came

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss John’s writing about Jesus’ appearance and issuing peace to the disciples.

066. With. Monday: Amazing Adventure

067. With. Tuesday: Made Easy

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss what it means to live the “with-God life.”  They move into a conversation about the presence of  God in the things we face.  

068. With. Wednesday: Help!

069. With. Thursday: Target

070. With. Friday: Go!

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss about living beyond our own needs:  To go and do good in one another’s life.

071. With. Saturday: Don’t Do It

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the issue of discouragement and how it empties us out.

072. With. Sunday: Stars

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss on how we are to stand out in this world shining like stars in the sky, running the race well, being poured out like a drink offering.  Kerrie wrote a special note for all women in regards to the struggle as well as the celebration of Mother’s Day. 

073. With. Monday: Your Three

074. With. Tuesday: FYI

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss prayer from Matthew 7:7–Ask. Keep aligned with-God.  It’s ultimately about love. — Seek. It will be revealed.–Knock.  The door will open.  God answers out of love.  Always.  

075. With. Wednesday: Managing The Hard

076. With. Thursday: The Hardest Of Hard

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss God walking us through the details of circumstances.

077. With. Friday: Good And Perfect

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the simple but powerful good and perfect gifts of God.

078. With. Saturday: Change Lives

079. With. Sunday: Power!

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the power given to those who live the with-God life.

080. With. Monday: Have you known?

081. With. Tuesday: “Yeah, but”

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the place we go when worry sets in by looking at the negative possibilities of the future rather than evaluating the “not-yet” with strategy.

082. With. Wednesday: Break Through

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the power of  the Light breaking through the darkness in the hard of life.

083. With. Thursday: Positivity

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss positivity along with the message to intentionally value and honor one another.  

084. With. Friday: Hope

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the hope God gives us for today and tomorrow with the promise for good and not disaster.  

085. With. Saturday: Align

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss being aligned with what the Spirit of God desires for us, including loving our own lives.

086. With. Sunday: Anchored

087. With. Monday: Leaders

088. With. Tuesday: Lifestyle

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss their decision to have a positive attitude.

089. With. Wednesday: Boldness

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss the challenge is to go forward in boldness.

090. With. Thursday: Light of Christ

  • Joshua and Kerrie discuss what happens when the light of Christ comes to our darkness.  

 Series:  With.  Live the with-God life.  Experience the fierce passion God has for you every. single. day.

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