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Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them every morning for some laughter, inspiration, and who knows what.
Break It. Episode 2:  Break It Off

Break It. Episode 2: Break It Off

Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them in their conversations about living without the things that chain and enslave the mind, heart, and soul in the Break It series.

The four-episode series looks at the things that may seem like “no big deal” but will  negatively impact the way we manage what’s before us.  It takes intention and work to not only be aware of an unhealthy life-pattern but to break it.

  • It happened in the ancient days.
  • It happens now.
  • It’s humanity’s story.

Individuals, families, and organizations are eventually chained and enslaved from giving space to what does not belong in the mind, heart, and soul.    

  • It’s time to break it.   

Resource: Exodus 14.

Episodes: 1. Break It.  2.  Break It Off.  3.  Break It Now.  4.  Break It For Good.

Episode 2:  Break It Off

Sometimes we’re comfortable with unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behavior because we become accustomed to it as our normal.  Other times, we are highly aware of the “thing” that weighs us down.

Sometimes we see someone with different circumstances in their story and want their life.  The thing is . . . from our perspective . . . their life seems so much better.


Everyone must manage challenges and choose whether or not to break it.

Sometimes when we get tangled up and stuck in unhealthy living, we come to the point of knowing it’s time to break it.

Resource: Exodus 14:15

“Then the Lord said to Moses,

“Why are you crying out to me?

Tell the Israelites to move on”


  1. Remember you are a participant not a spectator in breaking off your “stuff.”
  2. Look at the unhealthy things filling up “your backpack” and weighing you down.
  3. Identify the specific things weighing you down.
  4. Set your backpack down by surrendering each “thing”–breaking it off your life. 

We’ve included a workbook for you to use.  Click this to access. 

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