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Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them every morning for some laughter, inspiration, and who knows what.
Break It.  Episode 3:  Break It Now

Break It. Episode 3: Break It Now

Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them in their conversations about living without the things that chain and enslave the mind, heart, and soul in the Break It series.

The four-episode series looks at the things that may seem like “no big deal” but will  negatively impact the way we manage what’s before us.  It takes intention and work to not only be aware of an unhealthy life-pattern but to break it.

  • It happened in the ancient days.
  • It happens now.
  • It’s humanity’s story.

Individuals, families, and organizations are eventually chained and enslaved from giving space to what does not belong in the mind, heart, and soul.    

  • It’s time to break it.   

Resource: Exodus 14.

Episodes: 1. Break It.  2.  Break It Off.  3.  Break It Now.  4.  Break It For Good.

Episode 3:  Break It Now

It’s easy to keep living the same way, settling for “what is” rather than “what can be.” Life becomes more challenging when we continue to be chained and enslaved in it all, procrastinating change.

A decision must be made to break it now.   

Of course, change can be challenging and a risk of faith.  The thing is . . . God provides the way to break it now . . . and find freedom.  It takes courage to trust and  take the action to move forward.

Resource: Exodus 14: 21-22

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea,

and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind

and turned it into dry land.

The waters were divided,

and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground,

with a wall of water on their right and on their left (NIV).


  1. Refuse to put off breaking free of the things that don’t belong in your life.
  2. Risk it now.  Break the things that chain and own you.  It may seem too hard but it’s time now. 
  3. Reframe and write the story of living without being chained to whatever owns you.
  4. Receive the “new” God has for you.

We’ve included a workbook for you to use.  Click this to access. 

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