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Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them every morning for some laughter, inspiration, and who knows what.
132. Innovation. Thursday: The Benefit

132. Innovation. Thursday: The Benefit

This is our 132nd episode.

In our series, Innovation,  Joshua and Kerrie discuss how we live the best life when we refuse to settle and choose to take the next step outside of the “box.”

  • Joshua and Kerrie get into a conversation about the benefit of paying attention to feedback when we’re innovative.  It’s the best way to live in each and every circumstances.  It’s a part of the open door of God’s more.  
  • They discuss the new innovative idea for Studio 365–producing one series at a time–we will be able to go more in depth and be more focused on the subject.  You can either listen all at once or pace your listening.

A God-word to underline and meditate on:

‘For in him

we live

and move

and have our being.’

 (Acts 17:28a, NIV).

  INNOVATION —a series about living in the innovative realm, beyond what is in the now.

  • Tablethink. 147 Commercial St. NE Suite 6. Salem, OR 97301. Phone:  971-209-2527
  • [email protected]

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