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Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them every morning for some laughter, inspiration, and who knows what.
040. More. Wednesday: Packed

040. More. Wednesday: Packed

In this 40th episode Joshua talked about how the director of the movie, The Greatest Showman, said he packed every scene with the intention that everyone could see something new every time it was watched.   Kerrie and Joshua discussed how God packs in more than what’s realized in each moment, making it worth looking backwards and seeing “more.”   

God packs so much in our life story.  It’s beyond imagination.   It’s worth taking time to review what has occurred.  Something new will be seen because there’s always more to see.  It’s not that our story changes but rather our perspective changes.

God is continually revealing more in our story.   And.  Wow.  It’s so amazing to come to the place to see something more.   It’s what is to be told:

 “I did not see then . . . what I see now.”

*There’s never a dull moment with God, there’s always more.  Tell about it. 

You are invited to stop by anytime to listen and take it to your table for conversation–a piece of tablethink‘s mission (tablethinkpowers Studio 365).  

Talk to you tomorrow in Studio 365.


O God, from my youth you have taught me,

and I still proclaim

your wondrous deeds.

(Psalm 71:17, NRS)



 Series:  More. Prayer goes beyond our own experience and perspective to see what God sees within us, around us, and ahead of us . . . to see more.

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